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Buddy Program at Northern Elementary

In the early spring, three Special Interest Program students at the middle schoolElyse Hock, Mattea Perry, and Joanna Valladaresdeveloped and proposed an idea for an elementary buddies' program at NES, which they piloted on a small-scale during Activity Flex periods during the fourth quarter. Twice per cycle, up to eleven 7th graders visited four different classrooms at NES, where they found themselves helping the younger students with academic tasks, in addition to playing and socializing with the students. It was a rewarding experience for the middle schoolers, and a way to give back too. Hopefully, the younger kids enjoyed the connections they made as well.


Pictured Left to Right:

Top: Joel Artman, Noah Sampson, Lila Worley, Rebecca Briant, Elyse Hock, Joanna Valladares, Mattea Perry

Bottom: Alexander Hein, Connor Long, Bevan Sadler

Missing: Kasen Kunkle