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Ceramics Class Inspired by First Graders

Taking the imaginative drawings designed by Miss Daly's class, high school ceramics students skillfully sculpted three-dimensional representations of each student's artwork. NHS student Halie James was working in Miss Daly's classroom and asked if her class could sculpt the drawings created by the first graders. Miss Daly’s students drew a creature, and then the ceramics students were tasked with sculpting these images from clay. The final sculptures were returned to the first graders to keep, along with their original drawings.


Student names left to right:

Trevor Weiss, Hope Thomas. Kennedy Nelson,

Kira Bidelspacher, Halie James, Makayle Hess,

Frankie Stricker, Tiara Himes, Emily Harper,

Audrey Black, Nathaniel Spangler, Sophia Paterniti,

Breyanna Klinefelter, Natalie Paterniti