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Safety Alert: Kidnapping Phone Scam

Good afternoon Northern York County families,

We wanted to inform you of a phone scam encountered by a family in the West Shore School District regarding a fake kidnapping.

During the school day, the parent received a phone call from a number similar to the school’s phone number. The call began with what sounded like their child on the phone. Then, an adult spoke and claimed the child had been kidnapped from school property. While one parent was on the phone with the scammer, the other parent called the school. School staff were able to confirm the student was present and not in danger.

Recommendations should you encounter a similar scenario:

Do Not Respond: Hang up the call immediately. Do not engage with the scammer or provide any personal information.

Verify Your Child’s Whereabouts: Contact your son or daughter or reach out to the school to confirm their location and safety. As a reminder, if your student is absent, the school will notify you through our automated message system.

Report the Incident: If you cannot confirm your child’s whereabouts, or if you suspect foul play, please call 911 immediately to report the incident to the police. Time is of the essence in such situation, and it’s crucial to involve law enforcement as soon as possible.

While we have no reason to suspect that Northern York County School District families will also be targeted, we did want to make you aware.

Please make time to discuss with your child the importance of limiting what personal information they share online.

In education,

Steve Kirkpatrick
Superintendent of Schools