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Polar Profiles: Spotlight on Northern Employees

Jenn Brink is a 2Dimensional Art Teacher and Fine Arts Department Chair at Northern High School. She has been with the district for twenty-two years. The most enjoyable part of her job is watching students develop into artists. When they start to show evidence of the creative thinking process, are invested in executing original ideas, and can talk like artists she knows all of the years of instruction have coalesced into true critical thinking. She is motivated by the relationships that are built in the art room. Jenn was shaped by several art teachers who saw who she truly was and encouraged her to be her genuine self. Jenn wants to help students recognize their value and hold them accountable in a way that helps them know they matter. Some other fun facts about Jenn:

  • She is proud of the students who are still creating in adulthood, with some selling their art.
  • She went to Millersville for her bachelor's and master's degrees.
  • Art was her favorite subject in school and she spent every available minute in the art room as it was a place she could relax, find her focus and connect with others.
  • She would love to be able to dive deeper into stained glass.
  • Her hobby is solving mysteries with genealogy. She has worked with the police on cold cases and worked with Kari Hall to help a few adopted people find their unknown parents.
  • She has a cat named Katja, which is Dutch for kittie.
  • She is currently watching Finding Your Roots on PBS and reading 'Mostly What God Does' by Savannah Guthrie.