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Celebrating Milestone Years of Service!

At the August 16, 2023 Convocation, employees who reached milestone years of service with the District were recognized.


In addition, Mr. Kirkpatrick made a special trip back to the NHS kitchen to give years of service pins to Margaret Lombardo and Donna Slugg – both reaching 25 years of service.


Miss Cal and the staff at NES had their own recognition for Pamela Mihalov celebrating her 20 years of service to Northern!


10 Years

Felicia Ensminger – NES Teacher

Heather Zerby – NHS Teacher

Leisa Barry – WES Teacher

Molly Atkinson – NMS Teacher

Nicole Myers – NMS Teacher

Brittany Rebuck – NMS Teacher

Kurt Kluck – NHS Teacher

Bobbi McConnell – ESS Aide

Tyler Bechtel – NMS Teacher


15 Years

Lynne Wicker – Transportation Coordinator

Samantha Moose – NES Teacher

John Trinkle – SME Custodian

Elizabeth Barlup – DES Teacher

Paula Clendaniel – NES Teacher

Connie Shuff – NES Teacher

Kaitlin Bonner – NHS Teacher

Aimee Eshleman, NHS Teacher

Raina Kane, SME Teacher

Rhonda McMullen - Asst Director of Student Services

Jennell Campbell - NES Aide

Tracy Marshall - NMS Teacher

Marianne Kirkhoff - SME Teacher


20 Years

Brian Robison – NMS Teacher

Danielle Magnelli – Student Services Instructional Advisor

Jennifer Eby – SME Teacher

Jennifer Smith – NMS Teacher

Pam Mihalov – NES ESS Aide


25 Years

Margaret Lombardo – DES Head Cook

Carrie Allen – NMS Teacher

Tammy Podlaski – NMS Teacher

Susan Lowe – NHS Teacher

Troy Strausbaugh – SME Teacher

Kara Sweger – WES Teacher

Donna Slugg – NHS Head Cook



30 Years

Amanda Sabers – WES/DES Librarian


31 Years

David Ramsey – NHS Teacher

Susan Hack – NMS Teacher

Richard Alioth – NMS Teacher

Connie Bleiler – Instructional Advisor


32 Years

Michelle Brymesser – DES Teacher


33 Years

Christine Bodisch – DES Teacher


34 Years

Charles Griscavage – NHS Teacher

Benjamin Hatch – NHS Teacher

Michael Chronister – NHS Teacher


38 Years

Charlene Knaub – WES Aide

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