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PBF Helps Kick Off the 2023-24 School Year!

Six lucky teachers were given $50 checks from the PBF to help them get their classrooms ready. Randomly drawn winners were Ashleigh DeLuca, 5th grade SME; Melanie Falls, 5th grade DES; Abigail Farr, 2nd grade NES; Casey Heidenthal, Tech ENHS; Isaiah Locke, Physical Education WES; and Allison Ometz, Music NMS.


The PBF provided all incoming kindergarteners with a water bottle, Class of 2036 Supported by the Polar Bear Foundation.


The PBF is sponsoring Splatterfest for the high school students on Friday, September 8th. The first 200 high school students to arrive will receive 3 squirt bottles of paint in purple, white and black.


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Left - Hunter Redifer, SME Kindergartener, with his water bottle


Right - Elliott Montalvo, NES Kindergartener, shows off his water bottle