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Band Director 'Toots His Own Horn'

ur very own Chad McCartney, NMS Bands, Music Department Chair, is part of Fink's Constant, a central PA ska band that he helped form about 23 years ago. Last month, they had the honor of being recorded and interviewed by WITF's Joe Ulrich. The link below will let you see additional pictures and hear the songs. Chad reports: 'I have always tried to practice what I preach; making music is one of the greatest joys that a musician can have. I hope this will help people learn a little bit about the music of Jamaica...and maybe smile, just a little."


Thank you Chad, for sharing your gift of music with your Northern family!


Featured below, L-R: Don Wood, Micah Yohn, Andrew Sheffer, Andrew Hartman, Chad McCartney, Zack Nye.

WITF Music: Fink's Constant | WITF

WITF Music: Fink's Constant | WITF

Ska music has largely been an under the radar genre with a few waves since its original heyday in the late 1950s. If you're cocking your head to the side with a 'huh?' face, don't worry. The band Fink's Constan t can help explain.