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2023-24 DRAFT Calendar Preview and Feedback

The latest DRAFT of our 2023-2024 School Calendar can be viewed on our Calendar webpage at This DRAFT calendar was presented to the board for discussion at the January 17 Board Committee Meeting.

You can also share your feedback about the calendar by clicking on a link found on the webpage. Comments will be reviewed by administration and shared with the board prior to approving the calendar at the February 28 Board Meeting.

You’ll notice an earlier than usual start and finish to the school year. That is because we have some major construction projects coming up that will be getting underway in the summer of 2024. The sooner we end the 2023-24 school year, the more time we will have in the summer for projects that would otherwise potentially disrupt instruction during the school year. These projects include renovations and additions to Northern Middle and Elementary Schools, and several maintenance projects in our other buildings.

By ending the 2023-24 school year in May and not starting the 2024-25 school year until after Labor Day, we gain an additional 3 weeks and a full 3 months of summer to move our projects forward.

Other things to note about the calendar:
• We are continuing to have two snow make up days (Feb. 16 & Mar. 8) to allow for two traditional snow days before moving to remote learning days.
• Days off are spread out to minimize long periods of time without a break for students.
• Teacher in service days are spread out to distribute timely professional development and training.