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Security Plan for HS Campus Event

Over the past weeks, parents and residents, as well as a large number of individuals from outside of our community, have expressed concern over an event planned by the Satanic Temple to occur at our high school on Saturday, September 24. The Satanic Temple’s fundraiser is NOT a District or school-sponsored event. The Northern York County School District does not endorse the activities or intent of this group or any other religiously affiliated groups. The safety and security of our students and staff, our community, and our facilities are our primary concerns. Accordingly,
-Please be aware that protests, demonstrations, and other unauthorized assemblies are not permitted on school grounds.
-All unauthorized visitors are required to stay off school grounds and refrain from parking in any of the school parking lots or school property on either side of South Baltimore Street.
-News media outlets will not be permitted to enter school grounds or to enter the school building without prior approval from the Superintendent’s Office.
-The sidewalks along South Baltimore Street, in the public right of way, are the place where media and community members are permitted to gather.
-District Administration and Security will be onsite before, during, and after the event to provide safety in and around the school building. Additional law enforcement officials will be present in the area as well.