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Notice of Non-Credible TikTok Threat

The District has been made aware of a challenge circulating this week on TikTok with a non-specific “threat” against schools in the United States for this Friday, December 17, 2021. The post appears to be part of a national TikTok trend and did not originate in our school district. No specific threat has been made against any school district including Northern York County School District.

We have consulted with our School Security Officers and local law enforcement officials as is our practice whenever we receive information or tips related to a safety or security concern. Our School Security Officers, district officials, and local law enforcement have reviewed the information and have confirmed that the threat is not credible. As an added precaution, there will be an increased police presence at our schools tomorrow.

Please take this opportunity to talk with your student(s) about the seriousness and resulting consequences of making any kind of threat, sharing any non-credible threats posted online, and about the appropriate use of social media. Encourage your student(s) to speak with you, an adult at school, and/or the School Security Officers if they see or hear something so that immediate action can be taken.

As a reminder, our District offers any parent, staff, or student the opportunity to report safety concerns anonymously through Safe2Say Something, a web-based, anonymous tip reporting line provided in partnership with the PA Attorney General’s Office. To access this information, go to

If there are any updates to this situation, we will communicate them to you directly via email and post them on our district website. The safety and security of our students, faculty, and staff is always our highest priority. We take seriously any information shared with us regarding a potential threat to the safety of our school community. Thank you for partnering with us to keep all our students, staff, and community members healthy and safe.