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Masking Order Lifted 12.10.21

The PA Supreme Court issued an Order today regarding the masking mandate. The Order (1) affirms the decision of the Commonwealth Court which held that the Acting Secretary’s statewide masking order was void and (2) vacates the automatic stay that the Supreme Court imposed.

The effect of the Order is that, effective immediately, the statewide masking order of the Acting Secretary is no longer in effect, and the mask issue reverts back to the Health and Safety Plan that was last approved by the Board. We do not know what action the Governor will take as a result of this decision. He may do nothing, he may invoke his emergency powers for 21 days, or he may proceed to adopt a masking order through the regulatory process.

In the meantime, as of this moment, unless the Governor takes further action, we anticipate the mask-optional Health and Safety Plan is in effect in our schools on Monday. Students, staff, and visitors may wear masks but are not required to do so. We will provide more details as we learn them.