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COVID Close Contacts Without Symptoms

At last night’s board meeting, the Board of Directors voted to approve a change in the implementation of the Health and Safety Plan such that close contacts without symptoms may return to school immediately if wearing face coverings.

Close contacts without symptoms that return to school will wear face coverings for 10 days from the day of close contact or 7 days from the day of close contact with a negative test result administered on day 5 or later. Since face coverings are currently mandated, this will not be a dramatic change for these individuals. If/When the mandate is terminated, this requirement will remain in place for close contacts without symptoms that return to school.

For this practice to be safe and effective, families need to ensure that students with COVID symptoms do not come to school. Individuals with symptoms must remain at home. The District will continue to report positive cases and contact trace. Positive cases will still be required to isolate as directed by the DOH.

This change will take effect starting Tuesday, November 30.