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Mask Order Board Actions

The Board of Directors approved two motions at Tuesday night’s board meeting pertaining to masks. The first motion states that the administration will adjust protocols, effective Tuesday, June 1, allowing individuals to forego masks while outside on our campuses. The second motion states that, effective Wednesday, June 9, individuals will be encouraged but not required to wear masks while on school property.

The outdoor mask relief will include elementary recess, lessons/classes held outside, outdoor physical education classes, and any other outdoor activity on campuses during the school day. The administration will communicate the revised protocols to implement this new practice.

The Board’s June 9 mask relief motion anticipates the reduced population on our campuses over the summer and the likelihood that the governor’s mask order will be dropped within the next several weeks. In addition, all district employees have had ample time to be fully vaccinated, which according to the CDC allows them to safely forego masks in almost all social settings. We anticipate that within the next several weeks, major retailers will continue to adjust or remove mask mandates in their buildings.

Regardless of vaccination status, students and staff members will continue to wear their face masks for the remainder of this school year. An abrupt change to mask protocols inside the buildings this week or next week would not be in the best interest of our staff, students, and families. For example, the potential for confusion and animosity between students with masks versus students without masks sharing a classroom is a concern.

Finally, anyone who chooses to continue to wear a mask after June 8, 2021, is permitted to do so. Until then, everyone is still required to do so. We will finish out the school year using the same protocols we have had in place for many months, but with the beginning of the summer recess, we take another step toward more normal operations. We remain on track toward our goal of a full return in the fall.

Thank you for your support and trust.