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PBF's Virtual Polar Plunge!

PBF's Virtual Polar Plunge!

When your school mascot is the polar bear and the pandemic prevents in-person events what do you do? Why, you hold a Virtual Polar Plunge of course! The Polar Bear Foundation (PBF), a non-profit education organization that supports Northern students and teachers, is plunging into winter fun with a virtual fundraising event through social media. On February 14, PBF board members dumped buckets of icy water over their heads or partook in cold, polar fun and then challenged members of the community, fellow parents, teachers, administrators and alumni to donate $10 to the PBF, take the plunge, or both.


Since Sunday polar bears all over the Northern community have taken the plunge, some in very creative ways! Dressed in swim trunks and mirrored goggles, a Northern Elementary 4th grader went sledding and came to a stop where his sisters gleefully threw icy water on him! This student challenged his reading teacher, Ms. Taylor, who stood in the snow outside her house while her husband poured a large bucket of frigid water over her. Northern alumni and borough councilman, Isaac Tucker, took his plunge literally by submerging himself in a tank filled with snow and water. There was a father-son duo and a pom-pom shaking duo of mother and daughter. A favorite teacher was challenged and so far has the most dramatic “plunge”. Casey Grimm of Wellsville Elementary stood under a cascade of arctic water falling from a tractor bucket. We don’t know who is enjoying this more - the siblings, spouses or children dumping the water or the community seeing everyone come together to have fun for a good cause!


The PBF has honed their focus this year. NOW grants were designed specifically with teachers in mind and in response to the unprecedented and ever-changing needs of this school year. Launch Grants were created last spring to help seniors launch in their post-graduation plans at a time when opportunities were limited. We hope to offer these grants again in 2021. The $500 grant is given directly to the student to help with costs of trade school, college, or joining the workforce expenses.



Videos of these arctic escapades can be found on the Polar Bear Foundation Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter. Donations can be made at


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