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The Pennsylvania Art Education Association (PAEA) is proud to recognize schools and districts across the state of Pennsylvania for their commitment to visual arts education opportunities for all students PK-12. Schools and districts receiving this endorsement demonstrated the importance of their visual arts programs during the 2019-2020 school year with:




Rigorous and Inclusive Programs: Arts programs demonstrated rigor using standards-based curriculum taught at every level by highly qualified and certified art educators.

Highly Accessible Programs: Art programs were offered to all students at every level of education with a sustainable budget for the visual arts.

Highly Visible Programs: Schools and districts identified their programmatic accomplishments, curriculum for all levels, art staff, mission statements, and arts events using their school websites and social media.

This week marks the start of National Arts & Humanities Month. Northern received this annual endorsement to kick off this important month and to set the stage for an engaging year for students in the Visual Arts. Northern is one of only 26 schools selected across Pennsylvania to receive the 2020 OVAC endorsement!