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Comcast provides increased access and speed

The importance of internet access is especially apparent during this difficult time when schools and workplaces are closed due to the Coronavirus.  In response, Comcast announced today that we will increase the speeds of our Internet Essentials service (from 15/2 MB to 25/3 MB) and offer the service free of charge for 60 days for new Internet Essentials customers.

Families interested in getting the service can sign up at or call 1-855-846-8376. New customers will get a free and easy to use self-install kit by mail.  Current customers don’t need to do anything to get the speed increases.  The full announcement can be found here.

We hope these efforts can help families in need, so children can do their homework, and adults can stay connected to their schools and get important health information to keep them and their loved ones safe. 

This is shared for informational purposes only and should not indicate endorsement of any product or service by Northern York County SD.