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Dr. Eric Eshbach, Superintendent and Mr. Jason Beals, Asst. Superintendent

Elementary Principals and District Kindergarten Teachers


Thursday, March 5, 2020

High School Cafeteria - 7:00 p.m.


The parent, as the child’s first teacher, has the pleasure and responsibility of interaction with the child at home to help the child be excited and prepared for his/her first formal educational experience. While no child is ever turned away if age eligible, it is of immeasurable benefit to have developed school readiness skills prior to beginning kindergarten. The student who has the opportunity to develop school readiness skills will have emotional, developmental, and educational advantage during his/her entrance to school.


Come to our presentation to find answers to questions like:


  • What can I expect during the kindergarten registration process?
  • What are kindergarten readiness screenings?
  • Update on full day kindergarten proposal
  • Must I send my child to kindergarten just because he/she is five (5) by September 1?
  • What can help me make an informed decision about enrolling or not enrolling my child in kindergarten?
  • What skills are good to develop for kindergarten?
  • What does Northern York County School District kindergarten program involve?



It is wonderful when an adult takes an interest in providing the best educational opportunities for a child. The least the school can do, as an educational entity, is provide interested families with appropriate goals and activities for children that will help make a successful start to the formal school process. Adults looking for information, regarding a successful start to kindergarten at Northern York County School District, can use the information received at this workshop to answer questions, guide children, and help the family become excited about a future school-home relationship.