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South Mountain's Fifth Grade “Surgeons”

South Mountain Elementary fifth graders took on the role of surgeons at the "SME Medical Center" last week. They dug deep into reading using their critical thinking skills to examine text features and text structures to help determine what skills their patients needed to understand the text. The students also used their collaboration and communication skills to discuss their findings in post operation discussions. Along with conducting surgery, students also learned songs to help them remember text structures and text features. The students did a tremendous job and “supervising physician”, Fifth Grade teacher Eliza Theys, was beyond proud!


Pictured:  Josh Milliken, Katie Lusk, and Isabelle Fox work intently to read and identify correct text structures.

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Above left: Maura Simpson, Kaulin Grace, Mercedez Clark, and Andrea Black working hard to complete their structure surgery.

Above right: Logan Letner discussing his post operation findings.