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High School Seniors Open Time Capsules

Now high school seniors, students from Mrs. Michele Brymesser's 2007-2008 class at Dillsburg Elementary, gathered recently to open time capsules they made when they were in first grade. The time capsules contained letters from home/school, student writing/art, a favorite toy, and photographs. Students enjoyed pizza and Pringles (of course!) as they reconnected with Mrs. Brymesser and shared memories of years that have passed too quickly. Students also met with Mrs. Brymesser's current first grade class, who are now busy preparing their own Time Capsules for sealing.

Pictured clockwise from top left- James Coble's time capsule features a drawing of his family and a first day of school photograph; James Coble opening his time capsule; Northern Seniors: (L to R) Carlee Kubistek, Garrett Fuller, Wesley Speck, James Coble, Connor McCombs, Kentucky Nelson, Jackalyn Speicher, and Daniel Leitholf; Jackalyn Speicher opening her time capsule.