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Staff with 10 Years of Service

Congratulations to the Northern staff members pictured above who were recognized at this year's opening in-service for their extraordinary service to the District. Thank you all for your commitment to Northern!


Pictured left to right:

Front Row - Jennifer Sobolewski (Teacher, High School), Beth Staub (Paraprofessional, Wellsville), Carol Richwine (Teacher, High School), Courtney Martin (Teacher, High School), Jen Cassel (Copy Room Aide), Elizabeth Barlup (Teacher, Dillsburg Elementary), Aimee Eshleman (Teacher, High School), Raina Kane (Teacher, South Mountain), Kim Landauer (Counselor, Dillsburg Elementary), Emily Mainzer (Teacher, South Mountain), Tracy Marshall (Teacher, Middle School).

Back Row - Paula Clendaniel (Teacher, Northern Elementary), Lynne Wicker (Benefits Coordinator), Kaitlin Bonner (Teacher, High School), Jennie Campbell (Paraprofessional, Northern Elementary), Keith Jones (Paraprofessional, Middle School), Rhonda McMullen (Instructional Advisor), Arwa Nye (Counselor, Middle School), John Trinkle (Custodian, South Mountain).


Not pictured: Cathy Wedemeyer (Paraprofessional, South Mountain).