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Playing is Learning at Dillsburg Elementary

Moves, Patterns, and Chants

A childhood memory and a dollar store bargain sparked a creative new way to teach math patterns at Dillsburg Elementary. Mrs. Michele Brymesser recently introduced her first grade class to the game Chinese Jump Rope, which quickly became a playground favorite. To play, two players face each other and position the rope around their ankles. The third player stands between the two sides of the rope and tries to perform a designated series of moves. The chant which describes the game's pattern of "in-out-side-side-on-in-out" is something the students learned quickly. In addition to patterns, students are learning teamwork, taking turns and perseverance as they further develop gross motor skills.


Pictured Top: Students Bradee Baughman and Lucas Deaner hold the rope and Lilly Stambaugh-Martin jumps as classmates watch.

Pictured Bottom: Lilly Stambaugh-Martin enjoying her sparkly sneakers.