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Hearing and Vision Screenings


Good vision and hearing are vital to student learning. Northern York County School District nurses have been busy performing mandated health screenings throughout the District. All students have their height, weight, and vision checked annually. Hearing screenings are also conducted in grades K, 1, 2, 3,7, and 11.

Since children's brains are still growing, visual and auditory stimuli are crucial to their development. Not only is adequate hearing essential for speech, but listening skills also influence a child's ability to read, write and develop social skills. Detecting and correcting eye problems early is also important. Be alert to signals of eye problems, such as headaches, wandering eyes, squinting, or disinterest in reading or viewing distant objects. Protect eyes and ears with the use of protective eye wear during sports, frequent breaks from computer screens, and safe levels of auditory sounds.

Pictured on website: School Nurse, Brenda Baker, and Jaidyn Watson.


Pictured above: School Nurse, Melissa Wrightson, and Maddox Janosko.