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School Cyber Attacks Reminder

Dear Northern Community,
As you may have seen on the news or heard throughout the community, cyber-attacks are happening in school districts across the country and, recently, much closer to home. Such an attack, which can compromise data and impair networks, is an unfortunate event for school districts, whose first priority is always the health, safety, and welfare of students and staff.
Northern has safeguards and security partnerships in place to help prevent these types of attacks to our systems. However, we know that nothing is foolproof. It is important for our staff, our students, and our families to continue to be mindful and to partner with us in our efforts to protect our sensitive data and systems. 

Here are a few basic tips to help with personal cyber safety:

Links - Do not click on links in emails from recipients who you do not know. And always hover over the display name/address to ensure the email address that the message is actually originating from is authentic.

Usernames and passwords - Do not ever share your username or password with anyone. Additionally, utilize multi-factor authentication whenever possible and create complex passwords.

Log out of programs and systems when you’re not at your computer or not using them.

Should a cyber-attack ever happen in our District, we will communicate as quickly as possible with as much information as we are permitted to share and by whatever means we are able to do so.
We will also be taking measures to maintain access to sensitive health and emergency information for our students, and to continue to transport, educate, and feed them during the school day, should we ever be unable to access our systems due to an attack.
Thank you for your continued support of the district.

In education,

Steve Kirkpatrick
Superintendent of Schools