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    Mrs. Wiser
    Northern Middle School
    Health Education (Health & Healthy Consumer courses)
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    Health education classes are provided twice during middle school as part of the Creative Studies course rotation.  Students will have regular health education class for one marking period in 6th grade or 7th grade and again, a Healthy Consumer class for one marking period in 8th grade.

    The middle school health education curriculum is an integral piece of the sequential district k-12 health education curriculum. Health Education for 6th and 7th grade is designed to be an introductory health education course leading to the 8th grade Healthy Consumer course; designed to be an advanced course.  Both, provide students with knowledge and skills enabling them to practice healthy attitudes and behaviours to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Children and adolescents who practice healthy behaviors increase their chances of achieving their highest academic potential.  Health is an umbrella concept, including many important facets; such as the decisions we make, leading to the attitudes, behaviors, and habits we practice.  The goal of both health education courses include providing students with tools and skills to help guide students in making healthy decisions based on the knowledge and experiences gained today, tomorrow, and for a lifetime.
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