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    Q4 GRADES...


    You may have noticed a drop in your grade for mp4.  IF you owe work (Playing test, concert evaluation) I have put in a ZERO as a place holder, until you turn in your work.  At that time, your grade will reflect the late work that you have turned in.


    IF you owe a playing test, you must sign an agenda pass to see Mr. McC to complete the work.


    Please get your work turned in ASAP.





    -6th, 7th, 8th grade Bands information

    -6th, 7th, 8th grade General Music information

     *Modified schedules and band lesson policy- please click on the 'Schedules' link.


    Information for the following extra-curricular activities (under the BandLand link):

    -Jazz Band

    -Wind Ensemble

    -Drum Club

    -NMS Indoor Guard/Dance Teams (Fall/Winter)

    -Stage Crew (Jan-Mar)


    *During a two-hour delay or early dismissal schedule, all lessons must be cancelled, due to the modified time schedule.  Any lesson missed as a result of these changed schedules will be marked as excused; no practice report is needed (though any reports are appreciated).*

    8th grade band: 9:55-10:27
    6th grade band: 12:12-12:45
    7th grade band: 1:20-1:55
    8th grade band: 7:45-8:11
    6th grade band:9:07-9:33
    7th grade band:10:30-10:55