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    Dear Students and Parents:

         Welcome to English!  I’m excited about our upcoming year together.  Since 1992 I’ve made it my goal to make this class a memorable one.  The art of communication involves four areas: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  My goal is to inspire all of you to be better communicators.

         This fall we’ll kick it off with the our Journal Notebook program, covering a new topic each day.  After a review of punctuation, India’s most famous mongoose, Rikki-tikki-tavi, will delight us as we read the Kipling classic, view the movie, and create our own brochures on animals featured in the short story.

         Student-led conferencing will commence in late October as we prepare our very own conferences.  Grammar review will continue into November as we turn room 233 into a full-fledged theater.  Charles Dickens’ masterpiece, “A Christmas Carol,” will entertain us as we perform it in class and then view a professional version of it.

         Year-long highlights will include Topic of the Day, Homework Checkers, Team Challenges, Poetry Project, Song Challenges, Word of the Week, Stump the Stars, Word Power Wednesdays, Foul Shot, Survival Unit, and Time Capsule.

         This will be an unforgettable year.  Let’s make it a great one!




    Mr. Alioth


    P.S.  For those of you interested in track, scroll down and click on our team's website link for more information!         --Coach A.