•  New Student Registration

    Northern York County School District uses online registration forms to enroll new students.
    If you do not have access to a computer, or prefer to complete the registration with our registrar, please contact Jen Cassel, 717-432-8691 x1132 or  jcassel@northernyork.org

    To register your child, you will need to create a Sapphire Registration Account. Please follow the steps below to create your account in order to access our registration forms.

    If you already have a NYCSD Sapphire Registration Account, you can log in to access the registration forms by clicking here.   

    To create a NYCSD Sapphire Registration Account, please follow the steps below:
    Step One: To set up a Sapphire Registration Account, click here and choose "Create a New Account" and complete the form. (For step-by-step directions click here). After you have confirmed your new account by clicking the link in your email, log in to your new account.
    Step Two: After you have logged into your new account, choose the appropriate registration form (Kindergarten or Grades 1-12). Completely fill out and submit the online registration form (Note: make sure you click the Submit button on the last page of the form). After you submit your registration form, you will be contacted by the Central Registration Office to schedule a meeting to complete the enrollment paperwork (see list of necessary documents below).

    Please note: for 2020-21 Kindergarten Registrations, go to "Kindergarten Registration" under the "For Parents" tab for additional information and instructions.

    Documents you must provide for enrollment:
    1. Two (2) Proofs of Residency - Acceptable forms include but are not limited to: current driver’s license, sales/lease agreement, utility bill, car registration.
    2. Most Current Immunization Records
    3. Copy of Original Birth Certificate (MUST be ORIGINAL (no copies) for Kindergarteners)
    4. Any Special Education or Gifted Program Documents, i.e IEP (if applies)
    5. Any Legal Documents involving custody/guardianship issues (if applies)

    Sapphire Parent Portal Account (different from the Registration Account)

    Once all required documents have been received and your student is enrolled, a Parent Portal Account request may be submitted.

    In order to receive any further notifications, you will need to sign up for a Sapphire Parent Portal account.  Sapphire is NYCSD's central online portal for attendance, grades, discipline, student demographic information, and health information. Parents/guardians and students can log into the Community Web Portal to view grades, attendance and schedules in real-time.  Assignment grades will be provided for students in Grades 3-12 only. More information can be found on the Northern York County School District website within the Sapphire Information section.

    To view instructions to set up a Parent Portal account click here
    To view instructions to add an additional student to your Parent Portal account, click here                   

    Please note: Once submitted, your application will be reviewed by District personnel. Please allow 3-5 business days to complete this process. You will receive a confirmation email that your application was sent and received. After your account is approved, a PIN will be emailed to you.

    For questions regarding the Sapphire Parent Portal, please email: SapphireHelp@northernyork.org