• NYCSD, in partnership with home and community, is dedicated to providing a safe environment in which all members of the District strive to be:

    Intellectually Prepared 

    • By engaging in critical and creative thinking 
    • By exhibiting intellectual curiosity 
    • By providing a comprehensive education experience that values creativity in academics, arts, and athletics 
    • By teaching and developing skills in all types of literacy 
    • By teaching effective strategies in overcoming failure 
    • By individualizing the learning process 

     Civically Engaged 

    • By supporting service-minded activities in our community and beyond 
    • By meeting the challenges of a dynamic, global society with confidence and compassion
    • By offering authentic experiences to provide rational solutions to real-world problems 
    • By nurturing healthy, appropriate relationships 

     Personally Responsible 

    • By participating in character-building activities
    • By embracing teamwork and collaboration to solve problems
    • By practicing effective strategies in leadership and followership
    • By developing and engaging in effective and appropriate communication
    • By demonstrating a strong work ethic 
    • By building resilience and self-advocacy skills