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  •   Northern York County School District
    650 South Baltimore Street
    Dillsburg, PA  17019
    Telephone (717) 432-8691;  Fax (717) 432-1421
    Dr. Eric Eshbach, Superintendent
    Mr. Jason R. Beals, Assistant Superintendent 

    Intellectually Prepared,
    Civically Engaged, 
    Personally Responsible


    The Northern York County School District is located in south central Pennsylvania at the northwestern tip of York County.  It is bounded on the northern border by Cumberland County and on the west by Adams County.  The District, with a total of 91 square miles, is strategically located between three major population centers: Harrisburg, the state capital on the northeast; York, the county seat to the southeast; and Gettysburg, to the southwest.  The major population center of the school district is Dillsburg, a community of approximately 1900 people.  The school district is comprised of seven municipalities, four townships and three boroughs.  The townships are Carroll, Franklin, Monaghan and Warrington.  The boroughs are Dillsburg, Franklintown and Wellsville.  The combined population of all seven municipalities is approximately 20,000


    The seven school buildings include a comprehensive high school housing grades 9 through 12, a sixth through eighth grade middle school and four elementary schools.  One of the elementary buildings, Wellsville Elementary, has two buildings on its campus. The district is divided into four attendance areas for elementary enrollment.  The elementary buildings are: Dillsburg Elementary, Northern Elementary, South Mountain Elementary and Wellsville Elementary.  Additionally 50-60 students are enrolled and transported to the Cumberland-Perry Area Vocational Technical School for specialized vocational and technical courses.  Programs for special needs students are provided in accordance with federal and state guidelines.  Student Assistance programs are available at the high school and middle school levels.

    The total student population in 2018-2019 is 3,222 and has remained stable over the past ten years.  The building enrollments for the 2018-2019 school year are 1,002 in the high school, 792 in the middle school, 442 in Dillsburg Elementary, 314 in Northern Elementary, 456 in South Mountain Elementary, and 216 in Wellsville Elementary.  Class sizes range from 10 to 28 students at the high school, 23-32 students in the middle school, and 14-27 per class at the elementary level. 


    The District educational program is directed by an elected nine member school board responsible for determining and setting operational policies.  The central office administration is comprised of a Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Assistant to the Superintendent for Administrative Services, Business Manager, Director of Special Services, Supervisor of Human Resources, Director of Buildings and Grounds, Director of Food Services, and a Director of Technology.  Building leadership includes: a High School principal and two assistant principals, an athletic director, a Middle School Principal an Assistant Principal, and four elementary principals.


    With 245 professional employees and a support staff numbering 155, the School District is the largest employer in the seven municipalities it serves. Over 50% of the professional staff has a Master’s Degree or better.  The District maintains a comprehensive professional development program for its staff and encourages members to continuously update their teaching skills through available professional workshops, conferences and seminars.  A negotiated agreement with the teachers is currently in effect for the years 2016-2021.


    The School Board, Administration and Faculty are committed to providing the best educational programs available to meet the needs of the students and the community.  Curriculum improvement is a continuous process guided by a Six Year Cyclic Plan of Curriculum Review and Development.  The planned courses of at least three curricular areas are reviewed each year for renewal, update or complete redesign.  Textbooks and instructional materials are purchased as needed to complement and enhance newly revised courses of study.  Computers are utilized throughout the District.  Each elementary school has at least one computer lab and students enhance their classroom curriculum through an integrated learning system program.  All of the buildings currently are utilizing wireless technology. Computer labs are well-utilized at the Middle School and the High School.  The academic and vocational programs are challenging for students of all ability levels.  With the completion of the new high school, which includes a natatorium, water safety and aquatics have been added to the curriculum.

    Student Achievement

    Student Achievement, as measured by the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is characterized as follows:  The 2016 SAT results show Northern High School students scoring 521 on the critical reading portion of the test, 528 on the Math portion, and 496 on the Writing.  The average composite score of 1545  with a total of 145 students participating in the assessment.   In addition, 56 students participated in the ACT with a composite average score of 23.  

    The Pennsylvania System of School Assessment is administered to students in grades 3 - 8, in English Language Arts, Mathematics.  Science PSSA are administered in grades 4 and 8.  Keystone Exams are administered at the middle school and high school following the appropriate coursework.  These exams include Algebra I, Biology, and Literature exams.  

    National Merit Scholars

    Northern High School consistently has students advance in the National Merit Scholars competition.  Currently there is one (1) student in the 2017 graduating class advancing as a finalist for the National Merit Scholars Competition. 

    Advanced Placement

    Advanced Placement courses are offered in Art Studio, American Government, U S History, Statistics, Calculus, English Literature, English Language and Composition, French Language, Spanish Language and Culture, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

    Athletic and Activities Programs

    An extensive program in athletics and activities is available to all students.  Twenty-one different interscholastic sports are available for boys and girls at the intermediate and secondary levels.  The School District participates in the Mid-Penn Athletic Conference.  The musical program includes competitive band, marching band, jazz band, chorus and band front.  Outstanding students qualify for district, regional / state band and chorus each year.  The marching band is very successful in Cavalcade competitions and are recognized each year for their performances.  Students have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular and co-curricular activities as well as student clubs.  In the high school there are 40 different student organizations including DECA, Model UN, Aevidum, Future Farmers of America and many others.  At the middle school, students are exposed to 21 different student activities including Envirothon, Mini-Thon, and Student Council.  Each elementary school also has activities for students to become involved in outside of the normal classroom routine.  These include broadcast studios, running clubs, and K-Kids.

    Budget and Taxes

    The 2018-2019 Northern York County School District general operating budget totals $49,173,629.  Instruction accounts for nearly 57% of budgeted expenditures.  Local effort is a major source of revenue to balance the operating budget.  The current budget relies on local sources for 64.5% of the total revenue, while the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania provides 34.5% and the Federal Government provides approximately 1%. Total anticipated revenues are $47,600,590. The District used fund balance and a personal tax increase to the Act 1 limit of 3% to cover the revenue shortfall. The local revenues are comprised of real estate, personal and earned income taxes. The current rates of taxes are: real estate- 16.9793 mills, personal taxes- earned income- .75%.

    Equal Rights and Opportunities Policy

    The Northern York County School District does not discriminate on the basis of sex, handicap, religion, race, color, age, national origin or other protected class in its education programs and activities or in its employment, as required by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the 1972 Educational Amendment, Section 504, of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act of 1955 as amended and the American Disabilities Act of 1990. 

    Northern York County School District
    Intellectually Prepared, Civically Engaged, Personally Responsible