• The Northern York County School District is in the planning process of several large scale building and grounds projects. This portion of the website will be used to post updates as to the ongoing discussions that will drive the future decisions of the Board during the Long Term Capital Planning of the Northern York County School District.   

    This process began in 2019 but was delayed for two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, for the 2021-2022 school year, the District welcomed Washington Township students into Northern schools. In 2022, after reviewing two feasibility studies, the Board took action on naming a new architect, Schrader Group. The Board also partnered with Sundance Associates, a highly qualified demographer, to complete a District-wide enrollment study.  This study, which can be found on this page, will play an integral role in planning for the future capacity needs of our buildings.

    The focus of building wide renovations will be on Northern Middle School and Northern Elementary School. The planning will also include the future of the Sports and Learning Center and large maintenance projects, including several roof replacements and HVAC upgrades at South Mountain Elementary and Northern High School. As the caretakers of taxpayer-funded properties, the District is working closely with our architects to understand the most effective and efficient way to provide high-quality education for our students.

    In May 2023, the District engaged with D'Huy Engineering for construction management services for the NMS and NES building projects. These services will be for the conception design, design & construction documents, and bidding & procurement phases. This will include value engineering, identifying potential cost-saving measures, review of schedule and submittal requirements, preparing a phasing schedule for construction, as well as other services. 

    The goal is to have projects begin as early as Fall 2023 for maintenance upgrades and Spring 2024 for building renovations. Schrader Group will be providing monthly updates to the Board to discuss the progress of this work throughout 2023. These updates, as well as other presentations, can be found on this page. 

    Questions on any of the information found on this page can be directed to Jason Young, NYCSD Chief Financial and Operations Officer, at jyoung@northernyork.org.