Northern Extends a Warm Welcome to our

    Washington Township Families! 

    For 2021-22 Kindergarten Registrations, please visit our Kindergarten Registration page under the For Parents tab. 

    Our desire is to make your transition to Northern as pleasant as possible and this page is designed to help you through the registration process for your Grades 1-12 student(s) for the Fall of 2021. 

    All Washington Township students must register with Northern School District this Spring, no matter what their designation is for the Fall. Northern needs a record of all students from Washington Township for whom we are accountable to the state. This registration requirement includes those that may be staying as tuition students in Dover schools, those transitioning to Northern, non-public school students, cyber charter students, home school students, and those attending York County School of Technology. Registration is an online process. The registration window for Washington Township students who will be entering grades 1-12 is April 10-May 14. At that time, you will be asked to designate your intention for the Fall. You can read about the details of the final transition plan here

    To register with Northern you will need to create a Sapphire Registration Account. This account will allow you to access our Registration Forms. The Washington Township Residents Only Grades 1-12 Registration Form will be available April 10.

    To create a NYCSD Sapphire Registration Account, please follow the steps below:
    Step One: 
    To set up a Sapphire Registration Account, please click here and choose "Create a New Account" and complete the form. For step-by-step directions click here. After you have confirmed your new account by clicking the link in your email, login to your new account. 
    Step Two: After you have logged into your new account, choose the Washington Township Residents Only Grades 1-12 Registration Form and 

    • choose your anticipated school of attendance for the Fall 2021. Based on your choice for the Fall, the form will direct you how to proceed; then 
    • submit the Washington Township Residents Only Grades 1-12 Registration Form.

    If you are not attending an NYCSD school in the Fall (instead you are attending a Dover, cyber, or non-public school, or York County School of Technology), you have finished the registration process. If you are attending an NYCSD school in the Fall or home educating, central registration will contact you to schedule a meeting to complete the full enrollment process.

    Documents you must provide for enrollment for those attending a NYCSD school:
    1. Two (2) Proofs of Residency for parent/guardian - Acceptable forms include but are not limited to: current driver’s license, sales/lease agreement, utility bill, car registration.
    2. Child's Most Current Immunization Records
    3. Child's Birth Certificate (original preferred, but photo copies accepted)
    4. Any Special Education or Gifted Program Documents, i.e IEP (if applies)
    5. Any Legal Documents involving custody/guardianship issues (if applies)