COVID Case Monitoring Dashboard: Case Data for 6/10/2022 (Final Update will be June 10, 2022)

  • Whenever there is a case, the District will take action in accordance with the guidelines of the PA Department of Health (DOH) and the protocols established in the District’s Health and Safety Plan, including consultation with the DOH if necessary.

    A school closure is a suspension of in-person learning for a school with a move to remote learning during that suspension.
    The DOH has provided the following criteria to districts when considering a school closure:

    1. Five percent of students/staff confirmed cases in a 14-day window:
      • Small school (<500 staff and students): 25 case threshold
      • Medium school (500 to 900 staff and students): 25 to 45 case threshold
      • Large school (900+ staff and students): 45+ case threshold


    1. Three simultaneous classroom and or core group outbreaks
    • Outbreak = Transmission between two or more cases among students/staff without other identified epidemiological linkages, with onset within 14 days in a single classroom or core group (i.e. teams, band)

    If either of these criteria are met, the District will work with DOH to determine if a closure is necessary and appropriate closure length.

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  • fall open 21 cover

    Plans for the opening of schools in the fall are linked HERE.

    The purpose of the document is to provide an update of our plans, including the instructional delivery models offered, the safety protocols in place, and the resources provided as we start the school year. Of course, circumstances can change rapidly, so we will continue to monitor the recommendations from the CDC and DOH and assess our community’s needs to inform our plans and adjust as necessary.

    You’ll note in the document that students will be required to wear masks on buses to and from school. This is according to a Federal Order issued by the Transportation Security Administration. School buses are considered by the CDC to be public transportation and as such are subject to this order.

    This update is intended to be a general overview. You will receive more detailed information and direction from your students’ principals. Please be sure to convey your questions to your principals, so that they can address them in their subsequent communications.

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  • Click HERE to view the 2021-22 Health & Safety Plan.

    Northern York County School District's plan for the 2021-2022 school year is for students and staff to return to school in-person on August 30, 2021. The District will continue to monitor the guidance from the Commonwealth of PA and the CDC, and based on our district and community needs, update our plans accordingly.

    The revised Health and Safety Plan was board-approved on March 22, 2022 and was submitted to PDE.

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Last Modified on June 10, 2022