• In 2015, the Northern York County School District (NYCSD), in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders, developed a strategic plan, mission, and vision. 

    In 2017, community stakeholders met and developed NYCSD's Profile of a Graduate; the skills and dispositions all graduates should work to possess.

    The Profile of an Educator was soon to follow in 2018.

    Over a two-day period in June 2019, our KG-12 professional staff participated in inservice work sessions focused on, "how to integrate the skills from our Profile of a Graduate into instruction."  One specific skill, the ability to think critically, was at the heart of these work sessions and unpacked in detail. The end result of this effort was an instructional desktop reference for integrating Critical Thinking into our students' learning experiences. 

    Thank you to all staff for your time, effort, and insights. This resource would not be possible without your feedback.

    Lastly, a special thank you to our graphics students for printing and assembling this document.

    Please see the link below for this resource.

    Critical Thinking Reference