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    • Sports Physicals - Information and Forms
      If you are unsure of what packet you need to fill out, please contact Mr. Russell at or 717-432-8691 x2016. If you need to get a physical and are unable to get one with your family physician, Orthopedic Spine and Specialists are offering a physical sessions on June 6th and 12th at the high school. If you would like more information on this please contact Mr. Russell at the number listed above or by email at

    • Physical Sign-ups
      Summer All Sports Physical sign-ups for Northern High School and Northern Middle School.  For this to work, every athlete will need to complete both steps
      Step One: Complete the appropriate Sports Physical Packet form the Sports Physicals Page. Remember to BRING it with you to your physical.
      Step Two: Sign up for a Physical date and time from this link:  Physical Sign-ups

    • Student Accident Insurance
      This is a reminder to parents with a child or children attending school in our School District that we do not carry medical insurance on students, but provide parents with the opportunity to select a primary group insurance plan for students. If you wish to enroll your child in this group insurance, download the form below and return it to the address on the form.

    • Concussions and Tramatic Brain Injury Protocol
      - Northern Athletic Training Department has implemented a revised concussion, or traumatic brain injury (TBI), protocol for the student-athletes at Northern York County School District. As you may already know, every student receives an ImPACT test when they enter a sport. In addition to the test, we will be working on an educational component for the parents and athletes. For example, there are two information sheets included in this physical packet. Additionally, once a TBI occurs, the athletic trainer will go over a checklist to evaluate the student-athlete. The checklist has six levels of return-to-play (RTP) criteria.
      - The student-athlete will first take the Post-Concussion ImPACT test once s/he has been asymptomatic (has been without symptoms as listed on the parent’s handout from the CDC). Once the results of this test are compared to the baseline test then the athlete is deemed fit to proceed to the next level. Exertional testing will be conducted on the athlete to determine if any signs/symptoms return. If no signs/symptoms occur, the athlete may attempt controlled/limited sport specific activities the following day under the supervision of the athletic trainer. Next the student-athlete may attempt non-contact/light resistance training. Then the student-athlete can move onto full contact, and the final level is for them to return-to-play.  The athlete may move from level to level, based on the lack of retuning symptoms, along with a 24-hour rest period between each level. 
      - The athlete must rest when advised so that there is no increase in symptoms. The brain is like any muscle, once injured, it needs rest, therefore no video games, television, reading, texting, or anything that may cause the brain to function and for the student-athlete to concentrate.
      - Please see Appendix H of the Student Athletes and Parent Handbook for the full protocol

    • Additional Information:
       - Doctor Visits if your son/daughter becomes ill or injured and needs to see a doctor, you MUST turn in a script to the Athletic Training Staff that communicates when, or if, this athlete is cleared for continued sports participation.  This documentation is in addition to anything needed for gym or the school office staff.  For example, if your daughter is sick, the physician can write, “Suzie was seen by in my office today for a cold and is able to safely participate in sports starting 9/15/08.”  If this documentation is NOT provided, your son/daughter will be withheld from sports participation until appropriate clearances are on file.

       - Water BottlesAll athletes must bring their own, clearly labeled water bottles to all practices/games.  Please be aware that there has been recent media attention to the potential unsafe use of old polycarbonate water bottles with the recycling number 7 on the bottom (Nalgene type bottles).  It is recommended that you replace all old #7 polycarbonate water bottles with new BPA-free #7 water bottles.  You are also encouraged you to use your bottles for water only (sugary drinks attract bees and become moldy in the sun) and wash them using MILD detergents and lukewarm water each day.

       - Weight RoomDrayer Physical Therapy Institute has contracted with Northern High School to provide exercise physiologists who are Certified Strength and Conditioning Coaches to physically prepare your son/daughter for their sport season.  The weight room is open to any NYCSD student in grades 7-12.  Summer hours will be posted towards the end of the year. The weight room will be open after school, Monday – Friday until 5pm.  Appropriate attire is required (i.e. t-shirt, shorts, sneakers. Ladies – please no thin strapped tank tops or short, tight shorts).

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