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    Welcome to the 2020 Northern Varsity Cheerleading Virtual Tryout. While this is something new for us, it is necessary for everyone's safety. 
    CHEERS: After clicking on the link you will see a section for sideline and cheer. Please watch those videos and do your best to learn BOTH the sideline- Get Up & Get 'Em and the Crowd Cheer- Tigers Tigers. For the crowd cheer please use these words (Northern Nation, let's get loud, name the team that makes you proud- We are Northern. Northern Nation, let's get loud, yell the colors that make you proud, Purple and White. We are Northern, Purple and White!)
    DANCE: Click on the link that says Dances. You will need to learn the Jambo Funky Level 1 Dance. When trying out you can play the music for that dance under the MUSIC link. 
    For both the crowd cheer and dance there is a "teach" option that walks you through each motion step by step. The sideline is repetitive and easier so you can play and pause that one to help learn it. 
    JUMPS/TUMBLING: Please include in your tryout video a toe touch and another DIFFERENT jump of your choice. 
    For safety purposes, if you need mats or spotters to tumble, please do not attempt tumbling in your tryout, however, if you can safely tumble, please do what you can.  

    Once you have learned all material, please send your tryout video to BOTH coaches:
    Coach Eliza: 
    Coach Meredith: 

    ALL TRYOUT VIDEOS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY 4/27 at 3 PM. Thank you and Good Luck!

    Tryout Kit 2020 - UCA

    From Tryouts → UCA Summer Camp! UCA has everything you need to host a successful tryout this season! See below for tryout material, music, documents, sample score sheets and more.