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    Please feel free to contact me any time.
    Telephone: 717-432-8691 ext. 1121 (please call before or after school)
    email: tlowery@nycsd.k12.pa.us

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    The Purpose of this Website:

    • To serve as an example and template for our district teacher webpages. 
    • This site also provides information and links to assist teachers with integrating technology into the curriculum.

    Anything in highlights are notes to teachers regarding this page:

    • Any This page is your Home Page and the first page parents will see.  Your teacher website should be informative, appropriate and CURRENT!  The first page for me is "Welcome" but you can rename this page to fit you - ex. My Home Page, Greetings, or Room 211 Homepage
    • Your contact information should be found on this page
    • Any items on the Left Navigation with ** - are the minimum requirements for teachers.

    Additional information

    • Since this is the first page parents and student see, you might want to add websites that you will use regulary (ex. Google).  These can be added under the "Links" tab and can be found under Related Links at the bottom of your page.

    As you create pages on the left, there is a way to sort them.  Notice, I have the Welcome** page at the top of the list and then below I'm sorting them alphabelically.  To sort them, go to the Main Menu, and then click Sort Web Site near the bottom of the window above Edit Site Design and Help Menu Buttons.