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  • Let's Get Reading 9th Graders! 9th Grade Academic English

    Mrs. Eckert & Mrs. Cook


    Mrs. Eckert / Mrs. Cook

    Northern York High School

    9th Grade English

    Room 222



    I am happy to say that this is my 4rd year at Northern and 12th overall in education. Mrs. Cook is starting her 12th year in the district and her 22nd year overall in education. This year we will be teaching 9th grade English together, and we are looking forward to engaging our students in the many journeys we'll take through literature. Having students take part in indepent reading will be an important part of our 9th grade experience, as we wish to give students a choice and a voice as they make their way through the school year. (See our specific announcement below regarding "independent reading" and what will be expected. This information is also provided on the syllabus. 
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  • Students choose texts they are interested in to apply our 9th grade curriculum learning objectives, while still gaining an understanding of classic literature.
    I will be using a unique approach to literature this year, which involves blending the teaching of classics with students' independent reading to better help develop life long readers and give students both a choice and a voice with their education.
    In a nutshell, where choice is given, I will teach the important aspects of the classic stories that our curriculum calls for during mini lessons in a class period, which will always be focused on a specific skill or literary element that I analyze with students (modeling use of the skill). After my mini-lesson, students will turn to their chosen independent books to also analyze, identify/use, and reflect upon that particular skill or element. With this being said, students will also have the "choice" of reading the classic text as their independent choice if they want to follow along with my lessons more directly. To help foster and encourage the habit of independent reading, I will also dedicate the first 10 minutes of my classes (on most days) toward this effort. 
    Accountability for individualized reading choices will come in many forms:
    1. Weekly reading journal reflections (20 - 40 points each)
    2. Weekly reading log (10 points)
    3. Teacher/Student mini conferences (10 points)
    4. A 4th marking period project reflecting upon their individual novel choices/and classic stories in the curriculum from throughout the year. (200 points) 
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