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    Mrs. Eckert 

    Stories are dress rehearsals for life! 

    Read and walk in another's shoes to GROW your empathy and understanding!

    Always verify ideas with reputable sources.

    Do a cross check among a variety of sources before deciding what you believe. 

    Be open to other points of view.

    Listen to and honor the experiences of others who are different from you.

    We all have a story to tell.



    Northern York High School

    9th & 11th Grade English

    Room 222eckert






    Meet Mrs. Eckert


    Hello and welcome to my English courses! This is my eighth year at Northern and my 16th year in the teaching profession! Prior to this, I taught 8th grade at the Red Lion School District, but as a professional, I did not start out my career as a teacher.  It was during my time working with the United States Tennis Association that I fell in love with teaching and soon learned that I wanted to be a part of helping others every day in a classroom setting! 


    Meet Mrs. Schiel, my 9th grade co-teacher extraordinaire!

    Welcome! This is my 3rd year at Northern and my 13th year teaching overall.  I attended New Oxford High School, Albright College, Shippensburg University and am currently attending York College.  I truly enjoy learning at all levels!


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