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  • Hey Guys!  During this crazy time I want you to focus on completing any 3rd marking period work that isn't finished yet.  Hopefully you listened to my advice and you're prepared for our time off.  Check Sapphire to see where you stand with missing assignments.  Today (March 16) I emptied the work to be graded boxes.  Everything that is turned in and has a name on it will be in Sapphire by Tuesday evening (3/17).

    Continue making art and doing your daily doodles.  A daily doodle sheet is linked on this page.  You may also use your own paper and format, just make sure you date the drawing.  Why not create a visual journal of your time off?  Art is a great way to process and document our daily lives.

    I will add enrichment activities to the web page for each course.  The assignments are also on Schoology.  You can submit the assignments through schoology, onedrive, or email.   These assignments will not be graded.

    Lastly, I miss you already.  If you have questions or want to touch base, email me or send a DM to the art room twitter @nhsAPart


  • Welcome to Art at Northern High School!
    Mrs Brink
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