Coronavirus Vacation UPDATE - March 28th

  • As public schools in Pennsylvania continue to be shut down there are a few issues I'd like to communicate to my students regarding the last 2 weeks and possible outcomes we face ahead. As of right now we are scheduled to return on Tuesday April 14th, but as you probably know by now this return date may be revised once again as we learn more from the PA Department of Education.

    1. Third Marking Period - The 3rd marking period will be extended to Thursday, April 9th. The only assignments factored into grades will be graded materials covered up to and including March 13th. Students should primarily focus on completing any outstanding assignments from this time period in the coming week. These must be turned in. Please email me regarding questions about how to submit these. Email attachments and sharing through Google/Microsoft software are the best options.
    2. Coronavirus Website Assignments - The assignments sent home on March 13th and posted to my website will not be graded/included in 3rd marking period. 2 options remain for these assignments.
      • IF we RETURN at some point this year these assignments will be reassigned in class and be a part of the 4th marking period grade.
      • IF we DO NOT RETURN these assignments will likely not count towards determining final course grades as a result of mandates stemming from PA Dept. of Education.
    3. Schoology - Regarding the possible closure of school for the entire year, NHS will most likely be required to develop a distance learning plan. What that plan will resemble exactly is unknown, but a key component of this plan will be Schoology. Learning activities & assessments WILL BE executed through this software. Students should first ensure they have access to Schoology, and second familarize yourself with how to navigate the software.
    4. Enrichment - WEEK 3 - The final components that will be posted on my website before completely switiching over to Schoology are learning enrichment activities. These are suggested and optional activities I am providing for students/parents who wish to further their education regarding government and economics. 

    I will be updating 3rd Marking Period grades in Sapphire this weekend. All students should review their 3rd Marking Period grade by Monday, March 30th. Any concerns regarding grades need to be addressed during the week. Reminder: if you have more than 1 unexcused absence during the 3rd M.P. you will receive a 0 until those absences are excused. Don't hesistate to communicate by sending a direct email or message through Schoology. Thank You

    - Mr. Gladfelter

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