• Welcome to Mr. Carskadon's American Literature Home Page.  What could be a more appropriate topic for American students to study, than literature that was written for Americans by Americans?  Your ability to master the English language and to understand its origins only aids in making you a more valuable employee to a company or a more sought after student for colleges.  The skills you learn in this course you will use throughout your life.


    Reading is important! It shapes your life forever. Many people would not have achieved the success they have without reading.



    This class requires effort to pass. Stay organized, read the material, study and you will do well.


    This class, and your education, is yours (NOT MINE). The grades you get, you earn; I don’t “GIVE” them to you.

    Laziness is unacceptable. I run class from start to finish and from September to June. 

    Copying work from another student IS cheating. It cheats you out of the knowledge you should be gaining on your own and it cheats the person you got the information from out of their hard effort.

    I am not here to hold your hand. Take charge of your own life. It doesn’t matter if it is here at school or outside of school. No one will hold your hand when you graduate. You accept that diploma on your own.


    Be proactive not retroactive. If you don’t know the difference between the two, look them up yourself.


    I ask questions to make you think, to make you take a stand, and to make you express yourself. I challenge you to explain these opinions. I NEVER ask these questions to tell you that you are wrong.



    Reading improves your self, and in the end “your self” is all that you have.