Student Assistance Program

  • Student Asssistance Program (SAP) TEAM
    Northern High School

    Our Program:
    The Student Assistance Program (SAP) team gives school staff the opportunity to identify and help those students whose lives are being negatively affected by high-risk behavior or emotional disturbance.

    Our Mission:
    To Identify, intervene, refer and monitor students having school related problems because of alcohol, drugs and or mental health issues.

    How to make a referral:
    The person making the referral can fill out a referral form which are located in the guidance office, classrooms, or the nurse's office.

    What happens after a student is referred:
    Team members gather information from other staff members who have contact with the student.  An informal team meeting is convened to determine the status of the referral.  The parents and student are contacted and asked to provide consent before SAP services are initiated.

    Support Services:


    Steve Lehman
    David Borrell
    Mike Walker

    School Counselors
    Stephanie DePalmer
    Amber Gunning
    Dale Reeder



    Kathy Bagian


    Nancy Deal
    Ashley Green-Gautam
    Cindy Ebner

    Robin Kazakavich
    Jen Sobolewski


    Dir Safety & Security Services

    Dave Zumbrum


    Ad Hoc Member

    True North Wellness Counselor