Groups for Students

  • Small groups offered to students will meet during their lunch.
    Permission forms for Banana Splits will be sent home with students upon request from teachers, parents or students.  Permission forms for Friendship Club are sent home upon teacher or parent request. 

    Banana Splits is a school-based children's group program for students who have experienced parental divorce. 

    The purposes are:
       * to provide a safe place for children to express their feelings
       * to normalize feelings through sharing
       * to train children in problem solving and coping skills
       * to increase self esteem through peer support
       * to increase communication among children and adults

    Friendship Club

    A small group designed to help our students build social and emotional skills, which creates a positive learning environment and improves academic success.  This group involves 10 sessions that meet during grade level lunches.  Group sessions focus on understanding self (strengths/weaknesses), communication skills (eye contact, voice volume, showing interest, particpation in conversation), listening skills, ignoring distractions, feeling awareness, anger management, cooperation and personal space.

    An intervention group focused on developing an increased awareness of self, others and his/her environment. Participation in the group may assist a child with improved concentration and focus, an increased ability to relax and calm the body, an increased ability to cope in stressful situations, and an increased self-confidence.