General Information 2020-21


          Northern York County School District      

    Food Service Department 



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    Food Service Department Contact Information:
    Phone Number: (717) 432-8691

    Administration - Scott Shedlock, Food Service Coordinator - Ext. 1111
    High School - Donna Slugg, Head Cook - Ext. 2037
    Middle School - Connie Zollers, Head Cook - Ext. 1313
    Northern Elementary - Beth MacSkimming, Head Cook - Ext. 1503
    Dillsburg Elementary - Margaret Lombardo, Head Cook - Ext. 1405
    South Mountain Elementary - Sunshine Lashinsky, Head Cook - Ext. 1703
    Wellsville Elementary - Cindy Yeager, Head Cook - Ext. 1603

    School Lunch in 2020-21


    ******Important Notice Regarding Bread Products******
    This is notice that bread products for the 2020-21 SY contain the following allergens:





    In 2012-13 the Northern York County School District began following new Federal Guidelines regarding nutritional standards for school meals. These changes to the School Breakfast Program (SBP) and National School Lunch Program (NSLP) come from the passage of the Healthy and Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010.  These new Federal Guidelines were created based on age appropriate scientific data and are “in line” with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.


    Meals served in the NSLP continue to offer students 5 components:







    Middle School and High School students participating in the school lunch program, in order to receive a “regular” lunch for $2.80 (MS)/$3.00 (HS) (paid students), $0.40 (reduced students) or free, must choose at least 3 of these 5 components and must include a fruit or vegetable component as a selection. Students may choose all 5 components but must choose a minimum of 3 as stated above.


    Additionally, other standard changes include:

    -       Smaller portion sizes of protein/meat alternatives with weekly minimum and maximums

    -       Increased portions of fruits and vegetables

    -       The creation of vegetable subgroups to be met weekly including dark greens, red/orange vegetables and legumes

    -       An increase in the amount of whole grain items offered

    -       Fat free (flavored or unflavored) and 1% (unflavored) milk only




    Breakfast and Lunch Prices - 2020-21 SY (No Price Increase for 2020-21 SY)


    Elementary Breakfast - $1.50                       Elementary Lunch - $2.50              Milk - $0.50

    Secondary Breakfast - $1.50                        Middle School - $2.80                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

    Reduced Price Breakfast - $0.30                   High School - $3.00

                                                                     Reduced Price Lunch - $0.40



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