Our Belief...

  •      It is our belief that ALL students have the ability to succeed in Physical Education.  Regardless of your age or grade level, movement and overall care for your health and well-being should be an important part of your life.  Everybody needs the strength and endurance to get through their daily life!

    Athletic ability and Fitness are two completely different things.  You do not have to be in sports or on a team to be 'fit'.  It is something you can, and should do, all for yourself!!!  On that same thought, not everybody on a sports team is necessarily 'fit'.  Fitness and being fit is unique to each individual.  Injuries and illnesses may mean you have to alter how you do something, but you can always find a way.  We are all a work in progress!

    If you are concerned about not being able to hit a ball or catch a Frisbee, no worries.  Focus on the things you can do, and do your best on everything else.  Showing YOUR best attitude and putting forth YOUR best effort, in any challenge, will get you so very far...in class, as well as in life!  Don't be afraid to take a chance.....Let's get moving!

Square Dancing at THON
  • Square Dancing at THON....at 2 am!!!!!