Food Service Monthly Menu

  • This page offers parents and guardians a printable version of each school's menu.

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    Please Note:
    *All Menus Subject to Change Without Notice
    *Holiday Meal - No Alternate



    Free and Reduced Meals The application for free and reduced lunches can be found by clicking on the Free and Reduced Lunch Information option under the Food Service title on the left of this page


    Student Meal Charges - Please Read:

    Student charges will only be accepted for a reimbursable breakfast and lunch or milk purchases for students packing and in need of a drink.

    Charges are the responsibility of each household to reconcile. Charge letters will be forwarded periodically during the school year for student accounts with a negative balance. 



     Special Supply Chain Message to Parents/Guardians for SY 23-24


    Businesses across the nation are facing challenges including staffing and product shortages. The same is true of the manufacturers and the main distributor used by Northern Food Services. Many of the products used by the District are simply not available or have been discontinued as a result of these labor shortages and/or supply chain issues. Likewise, orders are being delayed and, in some instances, cancelled altogether.  Alternative distributors are simply not available to turn to as they are no longer taking on additional customers because they’re also short staffed.

    The Food Service Department is committed to do it’s best to provide students with the items listed on the monthly menu. However, menu items will be subject to change based on the availability from manufacturers and suppliers. We kindly ask for your understanding and patience as we navigate these unprecedented circumstances and times.

    Thank you



    ******Important Notice Regarding Bread Products******
    This is notice that bread products for the 2023-24 SY contain the following allergens:

    Attention MS and HS Students and Parents:

    Meals served daily in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) continue to offer students 5 components:







    Middle School and High School students participating in the school lunch program, in order to receive a “reimbursable” lunch for $3.00 (MS)/$3.25 (HS) (paid students), $0.40 (reduced students) or free, must choose at least 3 of these 5 components and one choice must include a fruit or vegetable component as a selection. Students may choose all 5 components but must choose a minimum of 3 as stated above.

    If you have any questions about what "makes" a reimbursable meal, please contact your student's school cafeteria or you may contact Scott Shedlock, Food Service Director, at 717-432-8691 Ext.1111 or 

    Milk Purchases
    Please Note:  A milk purchased by itself (ie. purchased by a student packing from home) is not included under the Free or Reduced meal benefits and will be charged for at the ala carte price of $0.50.  Thank you.

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