Health Insurance

  •  Health Insurance

    Health Insurance is made eligible employees at the time of hire.

    Employees have the opportunity to made changes during the annual open enrollment period each Oct/Nov.

    Employees may also make changes throughout the year when certain qualifying events occur.

    Please contact Christina Esser, by phone at (717)432-8691, ext. 1116 or by e-mail a, to determine your eligibility,

    The District, through Lincoln Benefit Trust, has contracted with Highmark Blue Shield to provide health insurance coverage to eligible employees.

    Information regarding the various programs offered through Highmark Blue Shield may be obtained by visiting their website.

    Employees are encouraged to contact Highmark's customer service department regarding explanation of benefit questions at their customer service phone center number

    If you are not satisfied with the explanation or service or still have questions regarding a benefit, please contact Mrs. Esser. Due to privacy laws we cannot act on your behalf without your authorization.