Safety & Security Measures

  • Northern York County School District
    School District Safety and Security Measures

    The Northern York County School District would like to share with you the measures and procedures which we take on an ongoing basis to provide a safe environment for our students and staff.
    Plans have been developed for a wide range of emergency situations such as: fire, bomb threats, severe weather, bus accidents, dealing with suspicious substances and other emergencies. We have also contacted York County Office of Emergency Management to receive up-to-date information regarding potential terrorism and concerns related to Three Mile Island.

    1. Our schools conduct periodic drills to prepare for different types of emergencies. Emergency personnel have been invited to our buildings to observe, assess and make recommendations on our procedures.

    2. All District staff and construction workers have been issued identification badges and requested to wear them to assist us in identifying intruders that should not be on school property.

    3. All District schools have secured entrances where visitors must gain entrance by walking through offices. At the elementary buildings visitors must be buzzed either into or out of office areas.

    4. Each staff member has an emergency flip chart. The flip chart provides important information on how to respond immediately to a given emergency.

    5. Recently we have reviewed our procedures for dealing with a nuclear incident at Three Mile Island (TMI) with the York County Office of Emergency Management. General information and a map are provided in your telephone book. Following is a brief description of the District’s Emergency Operation Plan (EOP).

    The vast majority of students and families in our school district reside outside the 10 mile radius that is the emergency evacuation area. If there would be an incident at TMI, we would summon the school buses and send the children home. Parents who desire to pick up their children at school may do so by reporting to the building office and signing their child out. EMA officials recommend that parents meet their children at home instead of adding to what is expected to be very heavy traffic and changes in traffic patterns.

    Approximately 90 students live in the very eastern part of Warrington Township within the 10 mile radius of TMI. This area is known as the Plume Exposure Pathway EPZ. If an accident would occur at TMI, students who live or go to a child care provider after school within the Plume Exposure Pathway EPZ will be retained at the school they attend until released to a parent or guardian.

    If you have questions or desire additional information, please contact: 

    Dave Zumbrum
    Director of Safety and Security Services
    432-8691 Ext. 2011