Superintendent's Corner

Dr. Eric Eshbach  
Eric C. Eshbach, Ed.D.
  • One Community, One Team, Team Northern!

    I want to welcome each student and their family to the 2019-2020 edition of the Northern York County School District! We are priveleged to be a part of such a wonderful and caring community!  Our focus for this year is on "teamwork."  The effectiveness of a team is built on an abundance of trust between team members.  That trust is reinforced by recognizing that each member has the right to their own goals and opinions and that conflict between members is needed, but only when it is done in a respectful and healthy manner.  Effective teams are committed to a common goal, hold each other accountable to reach that goal, and use data to ensure that the team is moving closer to achieving the goal.

    Every student, parent, staff member, and community member is a part of "Team Northern."  We, as employees of the Northern York County School District, will work to build trust between each member of the team.  We are confident that the differences we have can be accepted and that any conflicts that arise can be handled respectfully and will only make our team stronger.  Our common goal is to prepare all students for the path they choose after graduation.  We do so by focusing on our Profile of a Graduate and the 8 skills and dispositions we have committed to develop in each student.  We cannot, however, do this alone.  We look forward to working together as Team Northern to do what is best for each student.  With your commitment, we can ensure that this school year is a wonderful experience for your child.  We look forward to working with you to provide the necessary foundation for students who are Intellectually Prepared, Civically Engaged, and Personally Responsible.

    Please click here to examine our Profile of a Graduate

    If we want our students to develop these eight attributes, we must also ensure that each educator strives for and adheres to a similar set of competencies.  Using the same 8 C’s we want for our graduates, the Profile of a Northern Educator sets a standard for what is expected of each employee of the District.  It is important to note that we consider EVERY employee to be an educator, as EACH employee plays a role in processes and programs necessary to educate our children.

    Please click here to examine our Profile of an Educator

    Please join us in making the 2019-2020 school year a great success!  We believe this will be done by focusing on the students of Northern and our desire for each of them to reflect our mission statement in everything they do.

    Intellectually Prepared!

    Civically Engaged!

    Personally Responsible!