Bus Rules and Guidelines


    School laws of Pennsylvania provide for the transportation of children to and from school.  Safety requires the school district to enforce the rules for proper school bus conduct.  The school bus driver is authorized to enforce the rules of conduct that must be adhered to within the policies set forth by the district.

    Misconduct will be reported immediately in writing to the school principal who will discuss the incident with the student and take appropriate action.  Students could lose riding privileges.

    If it is proven that your student vandalized any part of a school bus, charges for repair of the damage to the school bus will be submitted to parent for payment.


    Good student behavior is a critical.  When a driver’s attention is called from the road, the chance of an accident increases.  Maintaining good order on school buses requires the cooperation of everyone.


    1.  Prior to loading:

    a. Students should wait for the bus at a safe place, on the side of the street on which they live.  Cross the street to enter the bus only when the bus is stopped and the red flashing signals are activated.

    c. Students must be at the bus stop at least 5 minutes prior to the time designated, and be ready to board with the least possible delay.  The bus will not wait for students to return home for forgotten items.

    d. Respect the property rights of people who reside at or near the bus stop.

    e. Do not get into private vehicles with strangers.

    f. Students may board only assigned buses, and may board only at the bus stop they are assigned.  Boarding another bus requires a bus pass.

    g.  Act 65 prohibits anyone from boarding a school bus without proper authorization.

    h.  Only students who are residents of Northern York School District may ride the bus.

    i.  Students who miss the bus may not be taken to another stop along the route that would require the student to walk from behind the bus, as the driver may not see the student.



    a. Observe classroom conduct, and follow the bus driver's instructions.  The bus driver has the same authority on the bus as a teacher has in the classroom.  *Disrespect of the bus driver will be considered a severe violation.

    b. Do not distract the bus driver, they must concentrate on driving.

    c.  Students may not block the aisle or emergency door with musical instruments, athletic equipment, lunch boxes, books or other possessions.

    d.  Students are to be assigned a seat and stay in their assigned seat.

    e.  For the safety of the student, students must remain seated while the bus is in motion or if the bus is delayed on the road.

    f.  For safety, students must not extend arms, head or other items out of the bus windows.

    g.  *Students must not damage or tamper with any parts of the bus or use the emergency door except in the case of an emergency.

    h.  *Roughhousing, fighting, vulgarity, profanity, throwing items in the bus or other improper conduct is not permitted.

    i.  *Students may not smoke or use tobacco products or E cigarettes while on the bus.

    j.  To prevent choking, students may not eat, drink or chew gum while on the bus.

    k.  For sanitary reasons, students may not spit inside the bus or out of the bus windows.

    l.  Nothing is to be thrown on the inside or outside of the bus.

    m.  The following items are not permitted in any school vehicle: weapons, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, e cigarette, flammable liquids, matches/lighter, fireworks, firecrackers, smoke bombs, water pistols, spray bottles, pea shooters, sling shots, marbles, balloons, glass containers, skateboards, any objects considered harmful to others.

    n.      Pets or creatures may not ride on the school bus.  The only exception is a “Service” dog.

    o.  Musical instruments, large duffle bags, class projects or other uncontrollable items may not be brought on the bus unless small enough for the student to control on their lap.  Students may not take up additional space with their belongings.

    p.  Students bringing small toys to school must keep them in their bookbag while on the bus.  Balls, yo-yos, etc. could roll under driver’s feet and/or pedals. 

    q.  Anything that has a strong odor is not to be opened/sprayed on the bus, as there may be students/bus driver who are strongly sensitive/allergic to these smells.

    r.  *Any conduct that endangers the safety of the other students, or driver, will be considered severe and could result in immediate loss of bus riding privileges.

    s.  Students may depart the bus only at their assigned stop, unless a bus pass is given.

    (*) Designates a severe violation


    3.  After Leaving the Bus:

    a. If you must cross the road, cross at least 10 feet in front of the bus, but only after looking to be sure no traffic is approaching from either direction.  Always make sure approaching cars stop before crossing.  NEVER cross behind the bus.

    b. Help look after the safety and comfort of younger children.

    c. Go directly to your school building in the morning and directly home in the afternoon.