Special Education Services

  • Special education programs for students identified as exceptional are available within the school district or by contract with the Capital Area Intermediate Unit or with other local school district(s).  The following categories are included:

    • Learning Support – for exceptional students whose primary need is academic learning
    • Life Skills Support – for exceptional students where the class is focused primarily on the needs of students for independent living
    • Emotional Support – for exceptional students whose primary identified need is for emotional support
    • Deaf or Hearing Impaired
    • Blind or Visually Impaired
    • Speech and Language Support
    • Physical Support – for exceptional students who are physically disabled
    • Multiple Disabilities Support
    • Autistic Support 

                The Northern York County School District provides appropriate educational services to identified special education students.  The district offers level of intervention ranging from the Inclusion Model to full-time programming in the areas of learning support, emotional support, life skills support, and speech/language support.  Certified special education teachers provide services as outlined in each student’s individual education program.  Additional programs are operated by the Capital Area Intermediate Unit or by neighboring school district(s).
                Each identified student is provided with an appropriate educational program based upon the degree of need and an Individualized Education Program (IEP) which outlines annual goals and objectives with specially designed instruction and exit criteria.  This mutually agreed upon IEP is implemented within ten (10) days after it is written.  Procedural safeguards, outlined in the Special Education Standards (Chapter 14), protect students, their parents, and the school districts. 

    To obtain further information regarding special education services in the Northern York County School District, please contact:
    David Borrell
    Director of Student Services
    Northern York Co. School District
    650 South Baltimore Street
    Dillsburg, PA  17019
    Phone (717) 432-8691, ext. 1109